Voice of the Martyrs STILL Supports Catholicism

Voice of the Martyrs

We have just confirmed that Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) does not differentiate heretics from Christians in their reporting; They lump Catholics, Adventists and any other group professing Christian faith in with their claim of being persecuted for Jesus. Will they next add Mormons just because they claim Jesus?

I find this disturbing VOM cannot discern the difference between heretics and Brothers.

Why is that important to identify those who practice heresy? Is there a difference between Catholics, Christians, Mormons and Adventists, for example? Why identify when you are speaking about Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Buddhists from Christians? What is the difference between them and Roman Catholics; These are all works righteousness systems and NOT Christianity.

“Why are you lumping Catholics in that list, isn’t Catholicism Biblical?” Is it?

In matters like these, it is always wise to seek out elders with good reputations for their clear exegetical exposition of the Bible to see what they have to say. So let’s ask John MacArthur, Pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California since 1969, and founder of the Ministry Grace to You (http://gty.org).

On his website John answered that question in his article…

Is Roman Catholicism Biblical?
“As long as the Roman Catholic Church continues to assert its own authority and bind its people to ‘another gospel,’ it is the spiritual duty of all true Christians to oppose Roman Catholic doctrine with biblical truth and to call all Catholics to true salvation. Meanwhile, evangelicals must not capitulate to the pressures for artificial unity. They cannot allow the gospel to be obscured, and they cannot make friends with false religion, lest they become partakers in their evil deeds (2 John 11).”
John also has an audio series on Catholicism calledExplaining the Heresy of Catholicism“, which title makes clear his opinion on the matter.
John’s view of Calvinism, however, is entirely another matter.

So, did you catch that? Evangelicals must not capitulate to the pressures for false unity and must oppose their doctrine with Biblical truth! It is a much greater evil to send a man to Hell thinking he is safe than to burn down his false assumptions with the Law, for example, showing him his great need for a Savior. The pain will not be forever in the latter but will be endless in the former. There is a very clear distinction between denominations that “differ in non-essentials” and pagan worship that sends a man to Hell, isn’t there?

A few points I have seen myself about Roman Catholic beliefs:

1. Where does the Bible say to worship Mary or that she is in any way a co-redemptrix with Jesus for your salvation?

2. Why do Catholics still claim infused righteousness is correct, in direct opposition to Ephesians 2:8-9?

3. Why do Catholic Priests venerate tradition and what their High priests say over the Bible and what God says, when there is a conflict between them?

Roman Catholicism doesn’t sound Christian to me. And those points are not “non-essentials.”

I asked a representative of VOM on Twitter what the Roman Catholic policy was, after discussing the issue with him, and he gave me this link on their website:  http://www.persecution.net/faq-kinds.htm.

In that document you can see the ministry policy is not to be concerned with who is who. Apparently all someone need to do is claim Jesus to get on “the list.”

Why is VOM wasting your support on heretics, funds meant to help Christians?

Richard WurmbrandRichard Wumbrand is not a Catholic but, as I am told by @VOMC on Twitter, Richard suffered in a prison “with  Catholics.” It is clear by their policy statement on the matter that V.O.M. considers Roman Catholicism to be merely a denomination of Christianity.  (I suspect their Reformed Catholicism, called Calvinism, is to blame
Not True Richard!

There are many Protestants that were tortured by Roman Catholics that would argue very vehemently with you if they could; We must argue for them instead.

Catholics are not Christians!
Richard Wurmbrand seemed to have elevated his personal experience above scriptural authority; he knows better today.

I like(d) what Voice of the Martyrs does, so I am saddened to hear they are allowing themselves to be used by heretics to spread their heresy as they help “persecuted” Catholics rebuild their “churches.”

It would not be difficult for you, Voice of the Martyrs, to identify the “denomination” of the person under persecution, but yet you refuse to do even that and so color your news of Christians Persecution with doubt:

“Our focus of ministry is on those who are mistreated because their persecutors consider them Christians” is their stated justification for helping Catholics as if they are brothers in Christ. So now the persecutors define what you do Richard? No, brother, no; That is a mistake. Many make this very same mistake about Mormons.

“Should we not still assist those being badly treated?” OF COURSE! Christians are responsible for the VAST MAJORITY of all assistance in the world. And MOST of those receiving such help are NOT Christians, as the Bible says. But let’s not identify these as being persecuted for Jesus when they are not.

If a Catholic is being abused he has to know he isn’t being persecuted for Jesus! A Catholic doesn’t even have a saving faith! Consider his soul man lest he die in his sins and you be called to task by Jesus for not telling him the truth!

Truth is more important than unity, Richard Wurmbrand, even at the cost of your own $upport. It is far far better to lose the ministry than foster lies as truth and help a single soul into Hell, am I right?

And why is that important? Why is it so all-fired important to know the difference between a Catholic, a Mormon, a Jehovah’s Witness and a Christian? Because JESUS cares who is His and who is being persecuted for His name’s sake. Jesus cares very much who is lying about their associations and using His Name to garner support for their heresy, taking such help from His Children. God is not mocked! He is not jerk to be jerked around.

Christians cannot have unity with darkness. PERIOD.
Any co-operation with Catholicism lends credence to their apostasy – Jesus is not pleased.

So, as long as the Voice of the Martyrs ministry continues to identify with those who are not being persecuted for Jesus then Joyce and I cannot recommend supporting their work; They might as well just become a secular news service for all the good they will do, I’m genuinely sorry to say.

I had to let our support for a housing ministry go when I found out they were Catholic. Now I find Voice of the Martyrs is Catholic friendly as well.

The final word on this, as always, must be from the Bible:

“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?”
2 Corinthians 6:14

“for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.”
2 John 11

Should Voice of the Martyrs see the error of supporting Catholicism as if it is Christian, when they stop, then we will be happy to recommend them again.

Patrick and Joyce Burwell
OnlyJesusSaves.com Ministries

15 thoughts on “Voice of the Martyrs STILL Supports Catholicism

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  2. I am sorry you have so misunderstood me. I don’t hate Catholics, just the lies they are being told by their leadership. Unless you trust in Jesus alone for your Salvation, not in Mary or what a priest tells you that you have to do (works), then you will face Jesus as Judge at your death, and you will pay the eternal price for rejecting the one and only Savior.
    Patrick Burwell

  3. Let God judge those who say they are dying for Christ. It is not our place to judge the hearts of people no matter the religion. To nitpick and tear apart the church and the body of believers does no good. I will continue to support VOM because they do a greater good than waste their time writing blogs attacking others. I fully support them supporting Catholicism for the sake of the “opportunity” for Catholics to come to know the real Jesus. To deny and be against Catholics just brings shame to Gods gospel. I am ashamed of people like you to disgrace Godly people who have served out of their hearts for Jesus and this includes Richard and his wife Sabina.

    To prevent Catholics or other religions for getting help and show lack of support towards them just justifies their thinking of people like you filled with hypocrisy.

  4. The problem for you, then, is that you do not agree with your own Catholic leadership, because THEY DO believe in works righteousness.
    Listen to this and get some insight to what you should know about the Heresy of Catholicism:

    The Catholic Catecism of 1994: “Grace is the help God gives to respond to our vocation of becoming His adopted sons. It introduces us to the intimacy of the Trinitarian life.” “One who desires to obtain reconciliation with God and with the Church must confess to a Priest only unconfessed grave sins he remembers after carefully examining his conscience.” etc…

    That is works righteousness.

    Patrick Burwell

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