Serve Well, Don’t be Stupid

There are four types of workers in the world :
1. The worst kind of worker is that person that just destroys a workplace. You know the type, the one who has to be FOUND first, and then has to be commanded by THEIR boss before they will do their assigned work. This employee tends to be everyone’s buddy but cannot be found when there is work to be done. But as soon as the boss shows up works so hard! – until “boss man” leaves, and then he’s back to jokes and laziness.
This guy is the one who eventually gets fired.

2. The next worker is the most common type of employee in the corporate world; the ones we just tolerate, that employee that has to be told to help out with anything other than THEIR job.
This person will never get promoted beyond their hired work.

3. The next person is that great employee that seeks out leadership to know what to do next. They are the best right hand man to have around, but you just wish they would look for what needs to be done and do it, that they would show some initiative.
This person makes a great VP.

4. The last kind of person is that rare one who sees what is needed and gets it done…

Guess which one the lady in the following article is?

God wants you to be the right example in this world. Being someone unreliable isn’t one of of those choices; God wants you to be the reliable¬†one.

Many times in Scripture we see men, and women, shown as examples of how not to be, and the role models of the right way to be.

David started out good, went very wrong, and then recovered after some very severe chastisement from God. Saul, an example of bad if ever there was one. Paul, a guy who seemed to get everything right by the world’s standards but was nearly dead wrong. God gave him a choice (yes, Paul did have a choice), he could have refused but it sure would have been curtains at that point if he still refused to stop and turn to Jesus as Messiah. His obedience showed in what he did…

We all have a choice, for God has provided Mercy on all us reprobates. What we do with that Gracious Salvation options determines whose we are, and our eternal destination.

Choose wisely, don’t be stupid.

Patrick Burwell,