Fake News From Major Media

Years ago I worked for CBS broadcasting on 6th Avenue in New York City. At that time, even then, I noticed the aloof attitude of the executives and reporters. They all thought they knew better than the regular guys on the street; They all thought they were better, that their opinions were what people wanted to hear. One of their Executives was so deluded he walked right out into 6th Avenue in rush hour traffic thinking he would live! As I held his broken head together so his wife could say goodbye I thought, “What an idiot? What was he doing walking out into traffic? Here he was having lunch with his wife, and now he’s gone!”

Now we have the major media all ranting and raving about fake news sources. And yet their own news reporting has been exposed to be those very fake news sources in the results they ‘never saw coming’ in this latest political race result. They were all ranting and raving and mocking anyone who claimed that Donald Trump had a chance. Remember how they laughed Anne Coulter to scorn? These same ‘wounded’ reporters who claim they’re honest reporting is being hurt by fake news call Donald Trump a racist, a misogynist, and yet they still claim to be objective! How much more fake can you be when you have a preconceived notion and allow it to colour all your articles and news with your tainted opinion?
Some people take their delusions so far they end up dying for it. And these news sources are doing exactly that, they’re all dying on the vine. Unless they face the facts and actually start reporting news without coloring it with their opinion they will continue to decline. And nothing could be better for America than for that to happen.

Are you deluded too?

The biggest impact that incident on 6th Avenue had for me was the realization of the fragility of life. Any moment life can be taken from you without your even knowing it! (Remember how Ted Kennedy went?) Life is short and you are not going to.live, so you have to be ready to face God. And I also realized that every Christian has to be ready with the Gospel, to be able to speak it clearly in 3 minutes or less. You never know when the person that you had a chance to speak to will be gone.

So, Christian, learn how to share your faith while you have the opportunity. After all, it’s only a command from Jesus Himself

And if you don’t yet know Jesus, what exactly are you waiting for; An engraved invitation? One day you won’t have any more chances… 

So, here is your invitation, friend, what you do with it you will answer to God for:

And to all the reporters who actually managed to read this to the end I say,

Report the news and leave your opinion out of it.

Patrick Burwell, OnlyJesusSaves.org Ministries