Pushed to Sin?

This is what I see most days on the way to work in my rear view. So many people completely disregarding the posted speed limit and then getting angry at me for obeying. This lady was even waving at me, tailgating, flashing her lights. She just didn’t get it but I was already pushing past the speed limit, violating the law. It was pretty clear to me that she wanted me to continue further and risk a ticket. Do I go faster, or just ignore her? It’s very frustrating…

Did you ever feel like that, like you were being pushed by everyone around you to violate the law? It seems that whereever you turn is an invitation to violate your conscience; break the law; just go with the flow. But shouldn’t we remember, broad is the way that leads to destruction and many go that way?

Now, before you run off all half-cocked, and start yelling at me about speeding not being a sin, that it’s not that bad, let me point out what should be obvious to you: If you’re bothered by that statement then clearly you know it’s wrong. So, what does God say about that? If you know what you are doing is wrong then it is sin to you.

Go down any road and you’ll see lots of advertisement for covetousness. Turn on the TV and you’ll see invitations to lust. Drive on any highway in the United States of America and you’ll notice how you feel pressured to violate the law. I remember when I was driving in Germany, it was even worse. The amount of pressure you can feel by speeding traffic around you is remarkable. Can they all be wrong?

Some time ago I was working with a project manager who stated that it is a sign of character to  hold to the speed limit. I don’t know about it being character but I do know that’s what the law says: The posted speed limit is what you’re not supposed to go past. I got this speeding ticket driving through an inactive construction zone because the speed limit sign said 45 and I did 60. I thought I had a legitimate argument, until the judge rather forcefully explained to me that no matter whether the construction workers were there are not, or if it was a holiday (it was Easter weekend), whatever was posted was the speed that you’re required to do. Yes, I know, I have the same argument in my head when I see a speed limit that is clearly too low for the road conditions. I have that same discussion with myself when everyone around me is doing 75 and 80 miles an hour and the speed limit is 55. There is an argument for maintaining a safe speed, and in the process violating the law, in order to remain safe. But no judge is going to accept that argument. So why would expect that logic to work with God, the Just Judge of all the world?

Every day ~160,000 people die. That’s two people every second who will face God in their next conscious moment. The argument that everyone else was doing it won’t fly then either.

In this season of election in America, the USA is arguably facing the most important vote in its history. We are going to vote in an election that will determine whether this nation continues down the road of socialism, communism and tyranny, or, whether we work our way out of this hole, this 200 trillion dollar debt that this president has gotten us into in these last 7 years, and grind our way back to freedom from oppressive givernment. This president has amassed more debt than all former presidents combined, and he has single handedly done more to hurt freedom from tyranny than any before him. Just count the number if executive orders he has issued that have gone TOTALLY unchallenged by any member if Congress or the judiciary.  And now polls claim an even more tyrannical candidate has the majority! Its like the whole country is rushing off the cliff and we’re all supposed to go along, to go with the flow, dance down the broad road to the death of freedom and eventually our own souls. 

Well not me buddy!

I will be voting for Donald Trump and I will be doing the speed limit, and I will not be compromising my trust in Jesus, thanks.

So get off my tail, and go around if you must, but know as I smile and wave I will be.praying America stands tall still, as the bastion of freedom from oppression we should always be, and the nation where the rule of God’s Law remains the Law of the Land, to the glory, honor and praise of God the Father, forever and ever, Amen.

Patrick Burwell, ONLYJesusSaves.org