Never Enough To Be

“I’ll never be enough, Feel like giving up, Tell me who I am”

I just heard this song on the radio, I’ve heard it many times before. But I had noticed that it’s of a guy crying out to God, worried that he’ll never be enough, wanting God to tell him that he is enough, asking God to tell him who he is. Uhhhh, What’s wrong with THAT picture? Doesn’t the singer understand that God Alone is the One who makes you who you are, that you will never be good enough without Him?

Proverbs 13:5 – “A righteous man hates lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and comes to shame.”

It’s not about OUR goodness, because we ALWAYS fall short, we are sinners; we are desperately wicked; we are deserving of Hell. It’s not about us, who I am, but about who God is and who Jesus is to us; that He is our Savior. He is the one who is good enough, He is the perfect one and He is our perfect sacrifice. When we put our trust in Him to save us He does, and He will.
I had a dream last night where I was watching myself, evaluating what I was doing like I was like watching someone else.

I was watching myself make plans to have an illicit relationship with a woman who is a professional, who is supposed to take care of me when I pay her. And all that time my conscience was nagging in the background that this isn’t right, “What are you doing? You shouldn’t be doing this!” And during this time as I see myself engaging in this illicit activity with this lady a message comes yelling down the hall that a meteor is about to strike the Earth and we all have scant minutes to live. And suddenly I’m terrified by the fact that God is coming for me and I’m not good enough. I cry out to Jesus to tell me I’ll be okay still; That what I’ve been doing will be forgiven. Then I see myself trying to manipulate the situation into something better by telling the prostitute about Jesus, as she screams in terror for what she can see coming. I see what I try to do is an attempt at being acceptable, and then I hear God explain that this is what the vast majority of Christians in the world are doing right now. Most are playing with sin while still hoping for Salvation.

Christianity in America is, as a majority, FALSE!

Is this the kind of relationship that you’re having with God? Is He just in the background nagging you about what you know is wrong? Are you going to put off surrendering, waiting until the last moment, like the soldier in the recent movie “Faith of Our Fathers”? The professing CHRISTIAN soldier didn’t tell his buddy about Jesus until it was almost too late!

What are we waiting for, when are we going to live our lives for the Lord, when are YOU going to live for Him?

Are you going to wait until the last moment when it’ll be too late to accomplish anything? Will you try in the last moments to make up for a life of idolatry? Do you dread the shame you have to face? Do you think what you do saves you? Are you afraid to face God Almighty?!?
You don’t fear enough, let me reassure you!
That dream showed me our world’s vast majority of professing Christianity has been whoring after what they know they shouldn’t. Are you?

Are you idolizing what will not cost now to follow, but will instead be an eternity of regret to embrace?

It’s time to have some truth with yourself. If you are living in idolatry you are not a Christian. Let me say that again,

If you are living in idolatry you are not a Christian.

You need to be saved for the last time, the first time, and surrender all to Jesus. And then, finally, live like He will be here tomorrow, because one day you will be right.

Take my dream as a warning and repent.

Patrick Burwell,