By the Light 

For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life: – Proverbs 6:23 KJV

At the corner of grace and mercy lies the road that led you there, The Law of God.

The Law of God is given to all so that all can see their sin in it’s true Light, the Light of God’s Just Judgment. By the Law we see our sin and need for Jesus’ Atonement, while the law also tells us we are condemned without Jesus saving us. There is none who cannot be rescued, none who cannot be saved, so then all must choose to obey God and Trust in the Salvation he has provided. 

As I was catching the planes I needed,  going to and fro on vacation this July 4th, I encountered 5 believers who had never been taught to use the Law of God in evangelism. They all had a range of experience from heavily involved in Christian Ministry to just passing out a tract or two. We encouraged each other as we waited for our connections. Some had fears they wouldn’t make the next flight so it was a great comfort to be able to have conversations about Jesus and keep our minds off of the worry we shouldn’t be engaged in. Michelle, Kathy, Karen, George and Mary loved the Lord but were upset that they didn’t know how to tell people about Jesus. And I had the great privilege of being the one God used to teach them.

It was surprising to me as I had approached  each one of them as I would a Lost Sinner, only to find to my great Delite each one already loved Jesus. Apparently my mission was more to encourage other Believers to not be afraid to share their Faith and to stand for the truth.

I had managed to engage the few folks but mostly I was handing out tracks and the booklets from Mark has always been a source of great encouragement to me and I find his unwavering stance on the choice of man under the command of God to be refreshing. The one I did do most was to train other brothers and sisters in Christ in what their expressed great desire was so that they could actually go and do it.

Always be ready to not only share your faith but able to train others to do so as well. The law was given by God to show every man they must be saved. It is not our job to keep it from them but to declare it from every corner, every encounter.