An Imperfect Peyton or a Goat?

Which is right Peyton:
“Christians drink beer.”, or is it rather, “drink allot of (beer)”?

manningMy faith doesn’t make me perfect, it makes me forgiven” is not a blank check to go and commit planned sin, Peyton. Drinking “allot” is sin and certainly planning to do so, telling the whole world you are going to, is deliberately sinful. This is not the sign of a Christian but a false conversion. You should be afraid, Peyton.

Saying , “I consider myself fortunate to be able to go to Him for guidance”, is not something a Christian says to justify his actions.
Peyton Manning, trying to ride a nonexistent fence between being born again and being a worldly man’s man demonstrates that you should take this test before another moment passes:

Peyton Manning needs to reflect again on the question asked him all those years ago:
Will you go to Heaven when you die?

And this time he needs to trust in Jesus for his payment, not just use God for “guidance” and placate his conscience with false platitudes.

Peyton is risking his soul try to “have it all”, but forgets the warnings God placed all through the Bible to not compromise trust in Jesus for a brief moment of sin. I say “brief” because God makes it clear eternity awaits every man, whether with God or in Hell. But that’s not what God desires. He has made a way of forgiveness, but you must surrender all to receive His Mercy.
Only Jesus can save you but you must come to HIM holding nothing back. You cannot stay friends with the world and be His.

(quotes from and Peyton himself on national tv)