Even the Smallest Things

Ok, so, sometimes I get forgetful when I’m in a hurry. –
I left early so that I could get home and take my wife out for her 50th birthday. I managed to get through all the traffic and I was going to get home at a nice early hour. I’d stopped in Denville New Jersey where I normally take my health break from all the driving from Long Island to Pennsylvania. And when I got back to my car I realized I had not only locked one set of keys in the car but both, and there a roadside assistance was going to take an hour and a half to get there. So I managed to get some coat hangers from a local cleaners and borrowed some door jambs from a local Art Studio and went to work trying to unlock the door. 30 minutes into it my hand was getting sore and I was getting frustrated in the cold. Ok, the art supply store owner did come out and showed she was worried; That I’d been standing out there too long. I assured her I wouldn’t be much longer if I didn’t get it soon.

“You know Lord”, I said, “I could use some help here.” I realized that I had been standing there for 30 minutes and didn’t ask for Jesus to help me yet. I’d managed to hook my steering wheel about 4 times, but I just couldn’t get that door lock to pull back with that coat hanger concoction I had made. “Actually, couldn’t you just have an Angel open this door?”, I said as I looked up smiling at the ridiculousness of this situation; I was still holding the wire. When I looked down the hook was jammed right in the door lock. “Wow, thanks Jesus!”, I said. I imagined a grinning Angel right then pushing that hook into the lock with his index finger.
For 30 minutes I’d been trying and didn’t even get close, and yet right when I prayed He did that. I couldn’t even pull it out, it was THAT stuck. So I yanked hard and, “Pop!”, the door opened.

How cool was that??!

Yes, God cares about the little things, all you have to do is ask, believing. I know what I’m talking about, it’s happened to me many, many times. Ask me and I’ll tell you.

Delighted, I got back on the road and made it in time to take my special girl out. We had a very nice dinner together at Texas Roadhouse, her favorite restaurant.

Thank you Lord, I appreciate how you care about even the smallest things. It really makes us, me, feel very well loved.

Yes, God does love you; He loves you SO much your Creator DIED IN YOUR PLACE for you to be forgiven. What exactly are you waiting for again?

“All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved…”

It’s your choice, it’s always been your choice to make. If you end up in Hell you decided to go there. But that is NOT God’s will for you. Will you let Jesus save you or not?



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