The God Who Answers

This happened to me yesterday…

Sat, Jan 6, 2018 – I was desperate. 

It was 10° F, the wind in the parking lot was gusting around the corners and freezing my hands. I couldn’t pull a single fuze to determine why my car’s heater had stopped. And I had, in my stupor from the latest RSV Cold, forgotten my coat at home, 3 hrs away. Of course I was sure someone had stolen it too. But that was when the heat in my car was working so I couldn’t remember. I had a squall jacket on, and a warm sweater, but the 30mph wind gusts were enhanced by the corner of the building. I was in real trouble. And I was getting upset.

My wife had called me and asked to please come home early, the kids were sick now too. I needed HEAT to drive the 3 hrs!

I was in danger and I was worried I wouldn’t make it out.

As I dug through my car for tools, tossing the entire backseat, I was so alarmed I yelled out in my closed car, “I need help LORD!! PLEASE HELP ME!” In my desperate cry I was very afraid, and upset I had been so stupid; I got Loud.

I’ve been in this situation before when I was in the Coast Guard in 40 foot waves on a 62 foot cutter; when I was trying to pull the Towing Houser line off the spool in the hold, getting sick in the bucket between my feet, getting dizzier every minute from my hypo-glycemia. I had faced having only enough money for gas and one month’s rent -and $10 left over -and no job, as I drove the several hundred miles I needed to get there in my Volkswagen van, having just enough gas. I had faced that desperation when that same van broke down; $10 doesn’t fix much. God showed me what was broken miraculously that time.

I’ve been in that fear, looking in the face of my children when they’re so sick you’re afraid of what’s going to happen next. 

I’ve cried out to God in the quiet room, waiting to hear whether my son had lived through his accident. 

This situation was not new to me. And what I have learned is when you cry out to God He hears you; He hears those who are His and expect Him to reply. 

Jesus is the God Who Answers

And Jesus says you must call in faith KNOWING He’ll answer, nothing wavering in your heart. But when your hands are SO cold you can’t pull out a fuse, and you don’t know what to do, you tend to forget. He understands. Remember, Jesus has been here, He gets it.

Pour out your heart to God, for He cares for you.

A gentle voice said then, only moments after my terrible cry, and said so quietly I nearly missed it, “Can I help you brother? You look like you’re in trouble.” Yeah, God is like that, and He’s done that many times for me.

A mechanic of 40 years experience had heard me, heard my fear, and had knocked on my window. God sent just the right guy. Vinny wouldn’t even help until I got inside and warmed up; he CARED. It was just a fuse and he quickly resolved the problem. I took his number and promised to buy him a cup of coffee next time I was in town. I had NO cash. He smiled and waved as I drove away. 

In my nice warm car now, I went straight to Sears and bought the best jacket they had. It was $150 and I got it for $39.95 plus tax (I also bought heavy construction pants warm enough to make you sweat even in 30 mile an hour winds at 10 degrees F. And yep that was on sale too!). I had learned my lesson and I wasn’t going to repeat my mistake.

Jesus will never leave you or forsake you.

Listen, God doesn’t expect you not to get desperate and afraid and cry out to Him, just remember it’s Him you call on.  HE ANSWERS.

And if you don’t know Jesus yet, what are you waiting for? His invitation is still available to you. Jesus paid the price for what you’ve done wrong, for what you’re going to have to pay for in on Judgement Day without Him. Jesus wants to rescue you, all you have to do is trust in Him, receive His gift, His payment for you, and then live a life of thank you. So let me ask again, What are you waiting for?

See, not only does Jesus save you from what you deserve, He also rescues you when you’ve done something stupid, and you’re in trouble. But He only takes care of His own; You must trust in Him to be His. It’s just as easy as a child accepting a gift, and God never takes it back, so do it NOW. He loves you after all, and He wants to save you, save everyone. 

Will you let Him?