The Truth About the Shooting In Vegas

However, there was a terrorist attack here in Las Vegas Oct 1, which killed 59 people injured over 500 people but has not been reported as a terrorist attack!

The gunman according to high trusted sources, stated that the owners of MGM have ties to Islam, and they own the Mandalay Bay hotel where these individuals were able to bring in over 20 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo in 10 pieces of luggage into a suite undetected by security! Yeah right!
They also have knowledge this guy turned Muslim and became a jihadist and had to have had help pulling this off!

Police in Vegas, are not being allowed to report the truth of the incident. Gee wonder why? Jihadist group already claimed victory for the shooting in Vegas! They love to brag!

Video on YouTube clearly shows a room service receipt for food for 2 people, and there is a video of gun fire coming from the 4th floor as well. The video also shows the shooter Paddock arriving on 9/25 through parking garage video date stamped.

God knows what really happened! Praise God He is in charge!
Many have come to faith since this attack! May many more place their trust fully on Jesus unto salvation!

God Bless you Brother!! ?