Universal Law, Not Autonomy, Must Be the Basis of All Rule and Ethics

“The civil magistrate cannot function without some ethical guidance, without some standard of good and evil. If that standard is not to be the revealed law of God… then what will it be? In some form or expression it will have to be the law of man (or men) – the standard of self-law or autonomy. And when autonomous laws come to govern a commonwealth, the sword is certainly wielded in vain, for it represents simply the brute force of some men’s will against the will of other men.”  Dr. Greg Bahnsen

Dr Bahnsen has said what Christians have been saying since Christianity has existed: There is a Universal Law, God’s Law. If you don’t believe man knows this just cut the line at Starbucks. You will learn very quickly what Unversal Law is as you are being screamed by the peace loving hippies. Man knows intrinsically what is right and wrong, there is no such thing as relative truth. And God agreed when He said, “I AM THAT I AM, and there is no Other.”:

And Jesus said, “I AM The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one can come to the Father but by Me.” John 14:6

Everywhere we look, even in the USA, we are seeing the terrible results of autonomous law. One state, or one town, says one thing and enforces that law, and another says the opposite and enforces their law; We are in a battle, a civil war, of ideologies. Either God Is Right and we obey His Law, what He says, or man is right and only the strongest may rule. 

Shall we allow those who oppose God to rule the land? Will we not speak out? Are we not the Oracles of God? Will we not be responsible beforefor Jesus Himself for our actions, or lack thereof?

Now, before you run off the handle and decide that I’m telling you to take up arms, I am not: We do not struggle against flesh and blood. Yet. But we are to support a government, our Representatives, that will take up arms against evil, as they are Mandated by God to do, as long as we can do so in a civil manner. We have had, in this nation, a leader who has proven himself to be beyond evil in defending, supporting and sponsoring international and domestic terrorism. But we did not need to take him down by force, the system, our American system of checks and balances, has worked. I pray to God that this system continues to work right to Christ’s Return. And it has worked, for we now have leadership that, so far, obey the rule of God in their rule of law. I pray to God that they remain in office for as long as isnhumanly possible.

But what shall we do should this evil rise up again and take leadership over our nation once more? Even now they are trying to force their way back in. We shall continue to work the system as long as the system works; We do not have the Second Amendment to the Unied States Constitution for merely food on our tables.

So know this, mark this well those who oppose Jesus, this nation, this world, will not be bullied much longer by those who have decided autonomous rule is the law of the land, and enforce it by any means necessary. These lawless ones have already taken up arms against us and call for our deaths on social media daily! Do we have to be reminded? Look at how many have been shot, attacked, have lost their jobs, and even DIED, at the hands of, and because of the illegal and immoral incitement of those, who have decided God’s rule is no to be abided!

We cannot expect to not suffer, God has promised that we will. To bow to evil over the fear of suffering is a sin. And God has never said our mission in life is to allow evil to rule the land either. Indeed He has mandated just the opposite! Those who love Him are to stand against those who would oppress and tyrannize, however and wherever we can. Let the spirit of God show you how you will. If you try of your own strength you will fail utterly. Just remember God is in control

But to those who continue to oppose God be warned: there is a terrible price to pay. God’s punishment is far worse than any opposition Man can mount. You would do well to heed God’s word and repent: 


Patrick Burwell