What part of BE HOLY did you miss?

Dear Christians, BE Christian or lose the name.

In my recent homeschooling books ordering experience I noticed several troubling matters about a professed CHRISTIAN retailer of CHRISTIAN materials:

1. They have a Catholic option clearly listed in the menu, which is NOT a Christian organization but is instead a cult using the name of Jesus. I mean, really, where is the Jehovah’s Witness, or Mormon, category, if this business is going to have Catholic as a category on a Christian website? Does a cult’s money count for more than Jesus’ opinion?
2. “Jesus Calling” was advertised when I called their help line. “Jesus Calling” is heresy, at worst, drivel at best. Go look at Tim Challies’ review of her book for a real shocker. And don’t even get me started about offering John Hagee books! Again, is it the money or to be a Christian example what we should prize?
3. A “The Voice of the Martyrs” ad was offered to me at the checkout, in order to get me to donate to them. V.O.M. does not differentiate between Catholics and Christians, in their stories of persecution, and REFUSES to change their policy on this, no matter how many Christians broach the matter with them, of this practice of theirs in identifying anyone as Christian just because they are supposedly persecuted for the Name of Jesus? We have spoken to them directly and they flatly said they have no interest in “our definition” of Christianity. Their reply is interesting, considering Jesus defined Himself that way (you know, the ONLY Way, etc… vis-a-vis John 14:6)

Why do Christian publishers call themselves “Christian” if they have practices that identify them as merely a company selling TO Christians, instead of a Christian company exclusively offering Christian materials, representing ONLY Christ in the process? Will Islam be a choice soon, considering such unHoly practices? After all, Muslims have money too.

What part of BE HOLY did you miss?
I am being sarcastic, as you can tell, but that isn’t unBiblical. Elijah was very sarcastic to the prophets of Baal, and Jesus was downright offensive when He called Pharisees tombs full of rotting corpses, liars and hypocrites.
What many of us are doing is unBiblical. We are lieing to ourselves to act like God does not see, that Jesus does not know our innermost thoughts, the compromise we engage in to stay in business.
Do yourself a favor and be honest and just stop.
Do you really want Jesus to reject YOU on your day of judgment? Then stop denying Him here and now. Repent of your compromise, then, and as you ask Jesus to forgive your sin, make today, this moment, when you will never reject Jesus again. Surrender what you want and ask Jesus to guide the rest of your life, looking to what God has already told us in the Bible. A candidate for President recently said he doesn’t look in the Bible for what he believes. Clearly he is no Christian; make sure you DO.

And, while F.O.M. (Focus on the Family) professes to be Christian, FOM’s reliance on Psychology (an Anti-Christ system of thought), instead of Biblically sound doctrine for Counselling, leaves them questionable as a “Christian” organization, no matter how much they quote the Bible; We cannot partner with any such and neither should you. JESUS FIRST, all else second.

P.s. While I appreciate materials that are Biblically sound, which we bought on ChristianBooks.com, and am glad they are available at reasonable prices, considering other sources, I have to question their motives for having unBiblical content on the same site.

Footnote to commentors:  Be forewarned that what you say you will be held accountable to against Bible Scripture, and, also may be shared by our Ministry, at will, with Christian peers, and Church leadership, for review, appraisal and rebuttal.