The Care of God

But Yahweh’s loving kindness is from everlasting to everlasting with those who fear him, his righteousness to children’s children;

His Love saved me
Is there anything greater than the love of God? Is what Jesus did on the Cross ever to equalled? How patient Yahweh is with man! 

I was reading the Bible all the way through, for the first time. I had read bits of the Bible many times before, but, this time, in 1986, I was being very careful to begin with “In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”, and work my way all the way through to the end, verse by verse to, “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all the saints. Amen.”; Line by line, word for word. I was determined. 

I read how the Hebrews were picked by God; How they were set aside to be His own people; How careful He was with them: Establishing them first with one, then another, and then a group, and then a people, and then tribes of people. I could see how meticulous God was with them: Warning them; Promising good to them, if they would but obey Him. After all, everything HE wanted for them was in their best interest. But time and time again they didn’t listen. Time and time again they rebelled, disobeyed, rejected God; They were a hard hearted people. Stiff-necked God called them. Yahweh sent messenger after messenger, Prophet after Prophet, Judge after Judge, and still they would not surrender.

I was getting frustrated with them, so I could just imagine how God was feeling.

He got angry
God struck many down. God hit them with disease, yet they rebelled still; He hit them with disaster. They rejected Him, but still He loved them: God is love, after all. But God is also Just, and Righteous, and Holy: Set apart, like NO OTHER.

And so, when Israel rejected Him one time too many, God cast them aside for a time and waited. He longed for them to let Him care for them, but they liked slavery better. Hundreds of years passed until Israel had enough. They clamoured for rescue, yearned for Salvation; And God rescued them. Yet even in their miraculous deliverance, where God completely rescued them from slavery, they still whined, and grumbled and moaned. “Did you deliver us only to kill us all?”, they cried. So God had to wait for the rebellious to die off and the young to learn obedience, as He cared for their every need for decades. Their clothes didn’t even wear out, God was so kind. And when the last of the whining generation died, He brought them home to Israel. They stood well for a while, running with Him, as He made a place for them. But the burdens of His Law were too much for them; they did not understand the Spirit of the Law, but only heard the death in the Letter of it. So He waited again. And One fine day….

Jesus was born…
The perfect Lamb Sacrifice of God, to totally deliver all who would Entrust themselves to His Care, His Covering. God had made the final move to rescue anyone who wanted to be saved from their hard, rebellious hearts; Rescued from what we all so Justly deserve. God’s own Son had come and lived a perfect life we never could, completely under the Spirit of the Law, in God’s Love. and Jesus paid the fine where none of us could. YHWH had promised a Saviour all along, and many had trusted in His promise, trusted in the Word of God. Jesus made the Way where no Way existed. And when He laid down His life, Jesus gave the Gift to Man the Father had said He would all along: His Loving Kindness, His MERCY. 

The Judgments of God were now satisfied in the Blood His own Sinless Son had paid to satisfy. And now Jesus is LORD, and Savior for all who will be delivered. He was given the Keys to Death and has unlocked the doors for all who will Trust in His payment for them. The Father is good, He cares and Jesus is His Love to us.

So, will you let God deliver you?

Patrick Burwell, Ministries