What God Expects

The following is an article I wrote specifically to my Buddhist uncle, who is now dead of pancreatic cancer. I sent him this link privately several weeks before he died, so I expect he read it. My hope is that he obeyed God before the end. I pray you do as well. I now make this article public.


I love you Uncle Leo.

I am SO sorry to hear you are dying. I had heard that from Mom, but I wanted to be sure I’d heard this rightly. It’s not that we don’t all face this, but so soon is the real issue isn’t it? Life is so precious to all of us, and I say, through tears, that you will be dearly missed.

I have known many friends who passed even sooner, but the news isn’t any easier from you, let me tell you. I love you, have always loved you, like an older brother I never had; you were always so caring and there for me when so many others could not, or would not, be. I will never forget you. Thank you for being such a decent human being. As people go, you definitely take the list with me. But you also know who I am, and if you don’t then you should find out while you still can.

Here’s the Ministry site: www.OnlyJesusSaves.org

You know what you mean to me, so you shouldn’t take my lack of contact over the years as an indication that anything has changed in that regard: We are all busy folks, and, indeed, since you made your desire to live a Godless life very apparent last time we spoke, I saw no point in continuing anything but a cursory conversation with you, to keep from your further distancing yourself. But now you are about to be distanced forever, to a place I cannot go, so now there is no way to make our relationship worse.  I love you, and because of that love I will be candid, now that we both know your Judgment is near.

You said you didn’t want a debate and I can honor that, no problem. You of all people know, however, how much I am just like you when it comes to the truth; I will not pull any punches when it comes to being honest. I love you, so WHY WOULD I NOW, of all times, lie to you to make you happy? I cannot let you go without trying to see you rescued. So let me give you my VERY BEST, and final, explanation of what God expects from you, JUST ONCE, because you have never let me, and because you have NO MORE TIME LEFT. Any further explanations beyond this one will come only if you ask it of me. I will find it VERY difficult to not say anything more, but I will not, for anything but that you know how serious this is. Is that a DEAL? (I personally wrote every word so please take the time to read it.)

SO, as I said, what follows is my best shot at explaining why you need Jesus, and no other. You will not get another clear explanation like this again:

What God Expects:
You are not a stupid man, so why, then, would you, anyone, be willing to risk eternal Hell just to be “right”? Uncle Leo, NO one with any sense believes something comes from nothing, and I remember how spiritual you claimed to be. I have often wondered what path you would have taken had my Dad not talked you into the Army. To even engender such a ridiculous thinking as atheism, which is really couched agnosticism, is to risk heavy medication and a padded cell among anyone but the most deluded of people. Unfortunately, such nonsense has become all the rage. Yet even as popular as it is why would anyone risk their eternal soul on such self-destructive thinking (or such a lack of reason)? Surely you would not.

You, Leo, of all the people I know, you are a THINKER. I remember fondly some of the conversations we have had about life and the universe. So think sensibly, again, while you still can. If I could I would come there and hold your hands as I told you this face-to-face, eye-to-eye. I would like you to see how seriously I hold this matter, let you hear my tone of voice, have you to see my expression. But as I cannot come there myself I will have to let this suffice, ridiculously limited that it is. Maybe this video that follows will be enough though for you to see my intent? You can tell me…

Why God Rescues Sinners… at all.

Did you watch it?

Uncle Leo, you were the one who was always so just, so kind, so caring, like when you came and were family to me in my time of greatest need. It may have seemed such a small thing to you, but it made a very big difference to me. So I Pray you will take my response as from a grateful heart of the man who remembers his Uncle very fondly and wants to know he will see him again, that his Uncle is right with God before he dies. Nothing is more important to me right now than to see you saved. I took the time to write this, so I want you to take the time to read what I have written, and consider it’s contents VERY soberly. I know you like to be glib and irreverent, but sobriety of thought is, thankfully, very easy to come by when you know your time is up. USE YOUR REMAINING TIME WISELY.

Rule of Law

So, Uncle Leo, you know what Law is, and you know civilized people believe in the Rule of Law. Laws, like not murdering, not lusting, not raping or stealing, are all understood as right by all. And, as you are also an honest man, you know murdering, even once, makes you a murderer; One lie makes you a liar, one rape makes you labeled by all as being a rapist. And God agrees, He says if you just hate your brother you are a murderer at heart, and all liars will have a place waiting for them in the Eternal Lake of Fire. God’s Standards are SO HIGH none get better treatment for ANYTHING over another. He is totally just, totally fair. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, me and you all are judged with the same measuring stick. And when someone attempts to claim there is no Hell I ask them to tell me where Hitler is. They invariably tell me Hitler is in Hell; Everyone agrees that if anyone deserved to be in Hell, it is Hitler. And they also all agree that God would HAVE to make a place of Hell, to BE JUST, because SO MANY “get away with” murder and other heinous crimes. There HAS to be a place of Judgment, once and for all, for right to be right. AND SO THERE IS!
But by what Standard does God judge us all?
The Ten Commandments.

I say this all with tears in my eyes for you, so do please read all of this.

You are also a logical man, so you know that, logically, all must be judged equally, as well. Justice, Law, Logic: These three all dictate that people must be evaluated by the same standard…

No one is allowed to be better than another.

And God agrees, again, for He says none are good, no not even one; there is none who does right, all have fallen short of His Standards. And so, Morally, this is also true of our own standards. Everyone actually operates by the same rules, no matter what they claim. Just try and cut in line, or try and steal another’s wallet, and watch them all run to “what every man knows.” And God agrees once more, He has said in His Bible that He has written His Law on every man’s heart, so no one is excusable, we all have a Conscience. “CON” means with, and “Science” means knowledge: So every man violates God’s laws “with” the “knowledge” it is wrong WHEN he does so, right then. So why would anyone expect their Creator to have different standards than man does one for another? No, He does not and, no, you should not either.

I will not bother trying to prove God’s existence with you because you are sensible, and you can see clearly the Painter of this marvellous world, this Universe, is clearly seen in His creative Painting. So, then, Uncle Leo, as you are an honest, logical, sensible and just man, and because you have a Conscience, you know you are no better than anyone else. And so God, who is more honest, logical and more sensible, than all of His Creation, the One who gave us a Conscience, this same God requires honesty of every man – and so He does demand honesty from you too.

God is so compassionate to you Uncle Leo! Look, how He has allowed you to know when you will leave “the old dirt ball”, He has given you time so you can face Him soberly! I believe He has done this because of who you are, who you have been. So BE thankful, then, Uncle Leo, and be honest with yourself and God, NOW, while you still have this precious time God Himself has granted you. For God says, in His Bible, that He will judge every man the same, according to what they have done, whether it was good or evil. And God has already said that all men need to be rescued from their violations; No one is any better than anyone else. We all steal, lie, lust, hate, blaspheme His Name, and refuse to put God first; We are ALL sinners. And so we all need a Savior, equally.

I bet what I have told you is very different from what you thought Christians believe. Many have said so at this point with me, MANY!

But the GREAT NEWS is how much GOD L O V E S us! He sent His Own Son to pay the fine for your and my crime! Jesus was perfect, lived a perfect life, never sinning in thought, word or deed, so when He laid down His life as the payment for YOUR sin (lies, stealing, lusts, etc), so when you TRUST in Jesus, in that payment He made for YOU , you will be acquitted completely! It’s as simple as that. I am NOT kidding!

Jesus paid the fine for your crime.

For He made Him Who knew no Sin to be Sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” 2 Corinthians 5:21

Uncle Leo, I have spoken PERSONALLY to more than TEN THOUSAND people individually, face-to-face, about Jesus; Me. I have made a life of ministry, so I know what I am talking about. You must be rescued, and Jesus is the Only Way to have your sins forgiven: Only Jesus Saves. Jesus has waited ALL YOUR LIFE for you to turn to Him and Trust in Him.

Will you?

See, it’s like being in a courtroom with the most honest of judges. You have broken Ten Laws and you are found guilty. It makes NO DIFFERENCE what you do, or do not, accept or believe, you are being led away to pay the price anyway. But someone you do not know offers to pay your fine for you, so you can then go free. The Judge will ask you one question before He allows it. Do you know what that question is?


The Judge, God, cannot let another pay for your crime unless you let him. Jesus offers to pay for your sins against God, but you must LET Him, and He is the only One who can. Waiting until the courtroom will not be accepted in God’s Courthouse; You must make your peace with God before you get there.

Jesus is the One who said that He is the only way to the Father (see John 14:6). For Christians to say that there are other ways to find peace with God is to bear false testimony. In one sweeping statement, Jesus discards all other religions as a means of finding forgiveness of sins.

The Bible says: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12), and “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5).” – Ray Comfort, www.LivingWaters.com

Here is a more detailed personal evaluation test I have made available to anyone, at my own expense, for them to view privately, at their own pace. This is so anyone can know further what God expects from them. There is no tracking, no cookies, and no one will know you went there but you and God. But I do want you to go to it and see what your Creator requires from you: I love you and I want to see you rescued. After all, I am your nephew, why would I risk estrangement from you to tell you these things if I did not believe them with my whole heart?


I love you UNC! 🙂 So I have also attached a free book a friend of mine wrote, that you can read, at your leisure, that explains what we all have to face “One Heartbeat Away”. If you would like a hard copy I will send you one. Just text me your address or email it.

I Love You,
I want to see you “there” in Heaven when I get there, so don’t disappoint me.


P.s. You know me too well, Uncle Leo, as a phone call with you would have been too hard for me to express all of this as effectively. I get too emotional with people I know, and especially those I love. I have learned how to overcome that in person with strangers, but not so much with relatives. I would VERY MUCH like it if I could see you, but I don’t have the means to do so. So please take what I have written to heart, because I wrote it very carefully. – With all my Love, Patrick

————–Previously On Apr 11, 2015 8:03 PM, “Leo” wrote:
Currently I prefer to correspond by email…I also prefer not to discuss anything religious, no slight intended….I will keep your phone number, and mull it over based on your reply….

I have somewhere between 6 and 9 months left on the old dirt ball…please accept my views on this…I love you like my son, which in many ways you were…

For now thanks for your mail, and hi to Lynn, or send her this (personal details deleted by me Patrick)…

Things that help me….pictures from “then” a kind mail so now and then….



I responded to this email with the article above. I don’t know that he ever read it.


September 24th, 2015

Well, I just heard today Uncle Leo died last week. He never called after I sent this article. Never was there a better example to me of someone who refuses to hear the truth, even while facing their own death, than my dealings with my Uncle Leo. He knows now whether the choice he made was what God required of him. I know Jesus was fair in His dealings with Leo, more than fair, He was Merciful. I tried to reach him with this letter, and emails; I hope I see Leo in Heaven. But if I do know God is just in what he had to do. Uncle Leo was without excuse…

… and so are you reader. You have a choice today, this moment, to decide if you believe Jesus. Will you or will you not trust what Jesus did for you was enough to pay for your crimes against God? It’s your choice. DECIDE.
Leo has made his choice, and we will not know until Heaven, what he decided in the end. But now it’s your turn…
What will you do with the Gift of God’s Mercy offered to you?
Yahweh gives, and Yahweh takes away, blessed be the Name of Yahweh.

Patrick Burwell, OnlyJesusSaves.org