That they are endowed by their… Who?

In God we trust? WHICH ONE?


Are the founding documents of the United States of America talking about the god of the Mormons? Or is he the god(s) of the Hindus? Is the “Creator” mentioned as the god of the Muslims, or was this some amorphous force of the Buddha(s)? Just whom are we talking about when we read in the Declaration of Independence references to “God” and “Creator”? Are we speaking of a generic title, as many claim, that leaves the interpretation of W(w)ho, or what, this G(g)od is, is it up to the perception of the individual? When you hear how confused this nation is, on who the God our Founding Fathers meant to be honored, then you can understand the corruption that has happened to America.

So where does the establishment of who this “God” is come from? Does this understanding come from some group collective, like among office workers? I’ve been in many professional environments and have noticed the trend, the belief to be, that this “God” is that which all agree it, or Him, or even her, to be – instead of what is True, what is Real, what is Actual. So where do they get this idea from?

When you first read some of these documents the founding fathers of this nation penned you note right away their references to God were not written to include multiple gods, like “a god” would refer to. So maybe the Founders did mean a specific Entity. There is a particular emphasis on the singular, to “God”, and to “the Creator”, etc…, so logically that was their intent.

So let’s ask ourselves a few questions to see where we stand before we proceed…

  1. Just what do I mean when I say “God”?
  2. Just what do others perceive when I say “God”?
  3. And, lastly but most importantly, is this G(g)od I am referring when I say “God” someone who actually exists?

The United States of America, as it has been established, is a nation that prides itself on stating the foundations of the country come from “God”. But where, exactly, do our founding documents identify who this “God” is? Have you found it? Do you know?

Have you EVER been taught what God the Constitution refers to in your school?

Where does the Declaration of Independence establish Who is considered our “Creator”?

“…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”, right?

So, Who “endows”, Who establishes, WHO EXACTLY IS THIS CREATOR GOD?

In the 200+ years that we have watched this nation struggle and flounder, fight and claw it’s way to supremacy, the grand and glorious question is, has been and always will be:

“In WHOM do we Trust?”

THIS is the question that has been at the very center of every political debate; This is the argument that has been the very source of frustration for SO many, and this is that subject SO many are discussing. After all, anyone who believes the god of the Mormons, Muslims or Hinduism is the God of the Bible just isn’t paying attention, is deceived or doesn’t know the Bible at ALL.

In God we trust? WHICH GOD?

Is the God of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the God we say we trust in on our money supposed to be the God of the Bible, as Thomas Jefferson, and over 50 other Founders, have claimed? The answer is a clear , “Yes.”, because…

If Jesus is not the “Creator” of the Declaration of Independence then this is not a Christian nation.

…and we are lost as a country.

I have read that some claim Jefferson was pretty angry that the name of Jesus was not in the founding documents. So why then did the others not agree to this establishment? Why would the Founders of this nation choose the generic titles of “God” and “Creator” in the establishment papers, when they surely should have known the STRIFE this would cause to not identify who that “God” is? Is this the basis of the pluralist arguments?

I believe the answer was fear.

The Founders feared the response of men more than they Feared Jesus. The Founders feared the influence of established religions. And they also feared that to name Jesus in their founding papers would be tantamount to enforcing their beliefs on others. The Founders were worried that they would not garner enough support for their new nation if they used the Name of Jesus in their founding documents.

They considered establishing this nation more important than declaring Jesus as the Creator and God we trust in.

The Founders were WRONG

SO MANY of the leaders of Christianity have cowered, as our Founders did, at the thought of standing for the Truth; So many, even those professing Jesus as Lord, have capitulated for some cause, as our Founders did, rather than state unequivocally who Jesus is and who He is NOT, that I fear for their souls.

The fear of man is a snare!

Professing Christians who fear men more than God will hear, at the Day of their Judgment, “Depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.”

If you deny Jesus He will deny you before the Father, as Scripture promises.

David Barton of is a prime example of what can happen to a professed Christian leader that believes his cause is MORE IMPORTANT than lifting up the name of Jesus, just as the Founders did.

Et tu, David Barton?

I recently was called by one of David’s staffers (volunteer?) to inform me of an upcoming event. And I had to explain to Trish the dissonance I have with Barton for his having partnering with Mitt Romney a numbers if years ago, a stated Mormon, without publicly and painstakingly clarifying that the Mormon God is NOT the God of the Bible. That the Mormon Jesus is NOT who Jesus is, as stated in the Bible, is clear to anyone who even takes a cursory glance at Mormon faith statements, beyond their “Blue Level” dissembling.

When David Barton appeared on Glenn Beck’s show and did NOT distance himself from the heresy of Beck on the air, his establishing of his de-facto partnership with heresy was complete.
I read another Mormon has made claims that the Mormon candidate for President in 2012 could easily have garnered the votes of Evangelicals, if it we’re not for Fundamentals. This fellow claims he had the full hand of fellowship and support of such men as James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family. Well shut my mouth!? Dobson has no problem with the Christianity claims of Mormons? LOL!

Listen, just because Jesus is in their name does NOT mean Mormons believe in the Biblical Jesus!

We have a Truth claim problem in the USA and the very heart of the problem lies in the hands of our Founding Father, in the founding papers our nation was founded on. And until, and unless, these documents are CORRECTED to state UNEQUIVIOCALLY that Jesus is the ONE AND ONLY God of the Founding of this nation, we will continue to have the erosion that has already allowed a stated communist into the White House twice, and threatened to have a heretic in as well.

Here is how The Declaration should read:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, Jesus Christ, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these God-granted gifts are pursuits to Life, Liberty and of Peace, with God, and with man, so help us Yahweh.

We cannot expect to be taken seriously as a nation if we do not have the courage of our convictions. So, America…

Do we trust in Jesus?

Or will you be like David Barton of, Focus on the Family and many, many others, who all let the “God” of American founding documents to be left to the interpretation of anyone, to the dishonor of Jesus, The Creator of Heaven and Earth, the One and only Savior.

As for me and my house, ONLY JESUS SAVES.
… all others are lies.

Patrick J Burwell