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Help us friends and fellow laborers in Christ Jesus

In the past we have minimized donating so much we didn’t realize you couldn’t see where to contribute if you wanted to.
As always we trust Jesus can and does provide whatever is needed to accomplish what He wants us to do through the generous hands of fellow Christians. If we do not have the funding we do not do it, period. Easy right? But God made the point very clearly that we shouldn’t make it hard for you to participate in the work He has us doing when He lays it on the heart to help.
Keeping you from helping us was not our intention, sorry about that.
We encourage Christians to share their faith whenever and wherever they are, personally. But, sometimes you can’t, we understand that; We’ve been there too. My wife and I have found great encouragement in being able to contribute to Godly Ministries who do evangelize  (Luke especially where we cannot and how we cannot. For this reason we are making the way available for you to assist us in our evangelism and training efforts.
All contributions are used 100% (minus taxes) to train others to, and for us to, preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Lost for His Glory.

Our desire is to SEE SOULS SAVED.

If you’d like to help us do that we would be glad for your partnership in the work.

Click the button to Access PayPal: is our Paypal account

We have decided to refuse filing for 501C3 status, or any other not-for-profit tax status, due to government restrictions on speech and the work of such registered non-profit organizations. None of your donations will tax deduct as a result. We operate solely on trust.

If you decide to make a large sum donation (more than $14,000) please consult with a tax attorney before contacting us. If you have any questions about donations or our policy on taxes please feel free to email us at and Patrick will be glad to explain and discuss alternatives suggestions you may have regarding the tax situation in our nation. None of our suggestions may be construed as legal advise.

Anything larger than $1,000, should be a money order, a cashier’s check or arrangements made by emailing us at
Please be advised PayPal charges for currency exchange so you can donate to us through (see the main page) but that will be to a specific cause, for now. We are working on setting up a main donation page on
We praise God for anything we receive but don’t want you to feel in any way compelled. He provides and always will, with or without you.

Freely we have received from Jesus, freely we give! And we ARE GLAD TO DO SO.

Any monies not used right away for the Ministry will be saved for further evangelism needs (tracts, etc…), unless specifically identified.
We promise to be frugal and careful with your contributions.

Thank you for considering helping us preach the Gospel of Jesus to the Lost and training fellow believers in how to share their faith Biblically and effectively.

Patrick and Joyce Burwell Ministries

(Most of our materials now come from, due to many ministries that sell tracts and evangelism materials now embracing apostacy as Christianity. We cannot partner with heresy, ever.)